Kingsway Primary School charges around 1000-1,200 dollars US/year  for boarding, incremental increases with each successive grade, from class one to class eight.

Extra expenses are school trips, uniforms, gym clothes, underwear and sleepwear, mattresses, sheets and other items for boarding, as well as some pocket money.

The last ten children brought into the Milele Children program in 2017 and 2018 are enrolled in the Bridge International Primary School system in Malindi. (Bridge International is an innovative program supported by the Gates Foundation, among others, and we are pleased with the results.) 

Bridge International is, like the name implies, a bridge between the lacking public schools and the expensive private schools. Their fees are very reasonable. 200 dollars US/year or less. This is only a day school, and all children from Milele Children  live with their parents.

Both Kingsway and Bridge International are primary schools.

The cost increases of course dramatically when the child goes to a secondary boarding school. The cost varies wildly, Public Schools being much cheaper than private ones.

 Eddie, who is at Moi Kabarak High School, costs about 3000 dollars US/year.  Moi Kabarak is a very prestigious school, but Eddie needs a good education for his future studies in medecine. He is extremely bright, and is one of the school's top students.


Daniel, who goes to a public Boarding School for Boys in Machakos, cost less than 1000 dollars US/year.  His grades were not good enough for this school, but after some negotiations and a visit from Britt Brown, he was accepted, and is doing well, in the upper 50%.

the competition is extremely hard for accepteance into a good secondary  school. 

Moses gets 300 dollars US/month and the Milele Children pay for his books and tuition as well, which is less than 1000 dollars US/year.

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